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Who we are

As of March 1st, 2024, we are happy to be part of the Helmsauer Group, starting a new exciting chapter in our journey of excellence and innovation.

We are incredibly proud to share that for the second consecutive year, we have been honored with the prestigious top company award by KUNUNU, a renowned German Employer Rating Platform. This award recognizes our commitment to providing an exceptional workplace for our employees, as rated by their own experiences. Moreover, in July 2023 we received an award from the F.A.Z.-Institute: "Deutschlands begehrteste Arbeitgeber" ("Germany's Most Desirable Employers"). This recognition further solidifies our reputation as a leading employer in the industry.

If you possess a passion for innovation, pushing boundaries, and challenging conventional insurance norms, we invite you to become part of our team. We value creative, self-motivated team players who are eager to revolutionize the entire industry. With ambitious goals in mind, we selectively recruit only the top 5% of applicants, ensuring an internationally diverse workforce.

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We comprise a diverse international team of professionals skilled in IT, marketing, and customer service.

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About us

What We Do

Situated in the vibrant heart of Berlin, we are proud to be a part of the rapidly emerging tech capital of Europe. We offer our customers the convenience of purchasing digital life insurance within 5 minutes, completely eliminating the need for tiresome paperwork. Our commitment to innovation extends to our product development process, where we meticulously craft offerings such as cancer insurance and disability insurance from the ground up. Additionally, we provide Sachversicherung (property insurance) as part of our services. By designing our products to be 100% digital and customer-centric, we ensure an optimal experience for our valued clients.

How We Do It

We’re not your typical start-up. We may be young and lean but we have the stability and focus of an established company. Here are some highlights that set us apart from the rest:


All employees are included in weekly meetings right from the get-go. Team updates, company direction, investor talks and total visibility are discussed openly. You will always see the big picture at Getsurance.


We set and achieve our goals in a systematic way with regular feedback rounds, ensuring there are no stressful surprises. Everybody is always on the same page.


We only hire the cream of the crop. That means you get to work with bright, motivated people who take pride in their craft whilst reshaping an industry.

Our values

  • Customer First 

  • Trust is everything 

  • Focus on Impact

  • Dare to make mistakes, own them 

  • Keep it simple

  • Be curious. Learn and grow 

  • Be positive

Why did I join Getsurance?

  • Sam


    The atmosphere of the company is very warm and welcoming. It is a great corporation which is taking you seriously. From the beginning you are able to have responsibility in a team that will welcome you like family.

    Customer Service and Sales Support
  • Oleh


    When I made the decision to join Getsurance, it was primarily driven by the company's vision and values. The dedication to leveraging advanced technologies and data-driven solutions to create accessible and personalized insurance experiences deeply resonated with my own professional goals and aspirations. Being part of a company that is pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the insurtech space is both exciting and inspiring.

    Senior Backend Developer
  • Your Benefits at Getsurance

    To prove to you we’re not just all talk and no walk. Too much foam, no beer. All sizzle and no steak - okay you get it. Every employee receives the following benefits:

    Yearly Education Allowance

    We want you to grow with the company, both personally and professionally. Broaden your horizons with online courses, coding classes, conferences or books and anything in between - you choose.

    Flexible weekly hours

    You can choose between a 30, 35, and a 40 hour contract. Which fits your life better?

    30 Vacation Days per Year

    We want you to have the time off you need to feel relaxed and recharge your batteries.

    1 Month Sabbatical

    Employees are eligible to take an unpaid sabbatical every three years to kick start their minds and shake things up a bit.

    Ongoing Perks

    Every couple of months the whole team goes on outdoor adventures, dinners and festive events. In our office there's always a fridge full of goodies, a coffee machine, vegetables, fruit and healthy snacks to keep your craving satisfied.

    Home Office

    Work from home or the office, the choice is yours. We only expect you to join us in person for feedback meetings, events, workshops, and during your onboarding days. Though, most people come to the office once or twice a week.

    Public Transport Ticket

    Getting caught by the controller without a ticket is never fun, no matter wherever you are in Germany. That’s why we offer a Deutschlandticket not only to bring you from your home to the office but also to get you around Germany on public transport (excluding IC, EC, ICE).

    Fitnessstudio Discount

    We have a company-exclusive discount for our employees with the FitX chain, to keep your spirit in shape.

    Dog friendly Office

    Of course, dogs are also welcome in our office! *Wuff* Did you hear that?

    Office directly at the Spree river

    Our office is ideally situated at the Spree river, forming an integral part of the newly constructed Cuvry Campus. Within a short walking distance, you'll discover the iconic East Side Gallery and the vibrant, artistic neighbourhood of Berlin-Kreuzberg. 

    Friendly Environment

    We are a small and friendly team at Getsurance. Will you join the family?

    Our recruitment process


    HR interview

    Our recruitment process begins with a thorough HR interview, where we get to know you better and assess your qualifications, skills, and experience. For certain positions, there may be a case study involved to evaluate your problem-solving abilities and suitability for the role. This interview allows us to understand your background and explore how you align with our company values and objectives.


    Hiring manager interview

    Following the HR interview, you will meet with the hiring manager responsible for the specific department you are applying to join. This interview delves deeper into the technical aspects of the role, allowing you to showcase your expertise and discuss your potential contributions to the team. The hiring manager will assess your compatibility with the team dynamics and evaluate your ability to excel in the position.


    Get to meet the team 

    As part of our commitment to fostering a collaborative and inclusive work environment, we believe it's essential for candidates to get to know the team they may be working with. After the interviews, we provide an opportunity for you to meet the potential team members. This informal session allows you to ask questions, gain insights into the team's dynamics, and get a sense of the company culture. We value open communication and believe that this interaction is crucial in determining if you will thrive within our team-oriented environment.

    *There might be changes in hiring process depending on the position you are applying for.

    Building memories together